W H O  A R E  W E ?

We are a collective concerned with highlighting women's experiences and perspectives. Through devising original work, we aim to generate intersectional and diverse commentaries, repurposing the narrative of femininity whilst also championing and challenging our embodied female experience. We want to take up space. With our voices and our bodies we seek to engage with contemporary politics and power. Our aims will be realised through vibrant, dynamic and socially conscious movement-based theatre - marshalling space and physicality historically inaccessible to women.

Hysteria was a term given to women with unpredictable emotions, outbursts and madness - women who were not meek and agreeable and did not ascribe to standards of femininity set by men. The nitty gritty of historical hysteria is also fascinating. We want to reclaim this word and claim the power, space and platform associated with its antonyms, whilst boldly holding onto the rawness and deep embodied passion of the ‘condition’ hysteria.

This project has continued to grow and develop since it was first devised in 2018 as part of a Drama and Theatre Degree at Royal Holloway University. It was then developed with 17 young company members at Chickenshed Theatre as part of their first ever Young Associates programme. Then, an extract was performed with a smaller cast at Pleasance’s Scratch. this is how water loves in now entering its second year of exploration. This performance will pool ideas from past projects, respond to ongoing conversations and channel our ideas of ecology through dance theatre practices.

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