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this is how water loves

this is how water loves, is a dance-based performance, containing collected and devised text alongside music and movement. We experiment with live water on stage, which presents its own boundaries and risks, in an exciting and engaging way. The process was underpinned by theory and ideas from contemporary academics in the fields of philosophy and feminism. The piece centres around collective movement and physical impact and works to the strengths of each ensemble member in order to show the power of shared responsibility. 

Rehearsals for our work-in-progress showing April 2019 this is how water loves with Chickenshed Young Company

this is how water loves was originally devised in late 2017 with third year Drama and Theatre students from Royal Holloway, University of London. As part of this Final Year Project eight women; Casey Boner, Lucy Carruthers, Sophie Escobar, Andrea Gillespie Soriano, Nicola Hurst, Lauren Jackson, Sofiia Pavluk and Emma Spore, devised a half an hour dance-theatre performance inspired by contemporary choreographers and hydrofeminist theory. The themes, research, and concepts explored in this piece have inspired us to keep thinking and exploring ecologically through examining our own 'bodies of water'. We aim to keep developing this is how water loves into a full length performance which pools together inspiration from its original form, our workshops with Chickenshed Young Company, and future stages of the research and development period. 

Dress Rehearsal images from this is how water loves 2018, performed at The Boilerhouse at Royal Holloway University. Photography by Nicola Hewitt

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